Universität von Miami-physikalische Therapie-Programm

University Of Miami Physical Therapy Program

Universität von Miami-physikalische Therapie-Programm

As educational role becomes more influential on how much does a Physical Therapist make, selecting the right course will ensure your core competency. Being ranked as top 10 Physical Therapy schools by US News and World Report 2012, University of Miami Physical Therapy program encompasses well-rounded approach to prepare student for real environment. Below are the key University of Miami Physical Therapy program being offered.

Core of University of Miami Physical Therapy Program

Generally, the University of Miami Physical Therapy curriculum are either conducted at Boca Raton or Coral Gable main campus and managed under UM School of Nursing and Health Studies (UMSNHS) or Dept of PT, UM Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM). The 4 leading University of Miami Physical Therapy program include:

Undergraduate ProgramBachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS)

This program prepares high-school graduates with Pre-Physical Therapy foundation study towards Physical Therapy Graduate Program.

  • Offered By: UMSNHS
  • Duration: 4 years/60-credit hours
  • Core: Biology, Health Science, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology

Graduate ProgramDoctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

This top-ranked clinical program prepares students to become competent generalist practitioner at doctoral entry level in Physical Therapy.

  • Offered By: UMMSM
  • Duration: 3 years (includes Clinical Internship of 2 months in Year 2 and 6 months in Year 3)
  • Core: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology

Dual Degree ProgramHonors Program in Physical Therapy (HPPT)

This is an accelerated program to prepare student for entry level practice as Physical Therapists. Upon completion you’ll earn BSHS and DPT simultaneously.

  • Collaborated Between: UMSNHS and UMMSM
  • Duration: 6 years
  • Core: Comprise BSHS and DPT syllabus

Post-Graduate ProgramPhysical Therapy PhD Studies (PhD)

This program aims at developing PT students for leadership positions in academic/research settings by working closely with a faculty mentor in your track of interest to complete elective courses to build expertise.

  • Offered By: UMMSM
  • Track: Motor Control, Musculoskeletal Prosthetics & Amputee Rehabilitation, Outcomes Research
  • Incentive: University of Miami Physical Therapy tuition support (If qualified)

Advantages of Pursuing University of Miami Physical Therapy Program

If you’re pondering the potential in following University of Miami Physical Therapy program, pursuing a degree in Florida actually does help pave your career from the start where acquiring University Of Miami Physical Therapy admissions gives you clinical training access in real environments such as University of Miami Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital, among many other medical institutions within the state for future career.

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